"Building positive self-esteem through dance."

Meet your Dance Instructors!
(some teachers are not listed below)

Currently working in the entertainment commercial/dance/film industry,
E-Baby has been a part of many shows such as Abby Lee, NBC Today Show and more!
He's awesome with youth and
has been teaching Hip-Hop Dance for over 20yrs!

specializes in Ballet/contemporary/jazz, she displays a warm contagious passion for dance and teaching.
She has many years of training and has been teaching for over 5yrs.

a working hip-hop dancer in Los Angeles.
She was recently featured in a Paul McCartney Music Video "Say say Say"..
She is now teaching her smooth youthful hip dance style.

Kid Kiba
is a self taught Dancer/Choreographer from Brooklyn, New York.
Kiba is PennPoint's newest addition
His style of dance is labeled, LBA Hip Hop.
LBA Hip Hop stands for "Lyrical Breaking Animation Hip Hop"
which is a combination of the foundations used
in order to express your story.


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